APRA-GISF Joint Webinar:

Who is Protecting the Aidworkers?

Are YOU interested in pursuing a career in SECURITY, HUMANITARIAN or DEVELOPMENT?

Then this event from the Association for Political Risk Analysis (APRA) is perfect for you!

Engage with Security Risk Management professionals from the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF)—hear their stories, gain work insights, get useful advice, and have all your questions answered!

This event will be held on December 4th, 12:30 pm - 14:00 pm CET on Zoom.

Everybody is welcome to join with MANDATORY REGISTRATION.

The Zoom meeting link will be sent via email.

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Like you, we at the Association for Political Risk Analysis (APRA) are navigating through these “unprecedented times” with lots of questions on our minds:
How are global protests going to affect the safety and stability of governments?
In what ways will the US election exacerbate great power competition?Are export markets going to survive the pandemic? Instead of trying to understand these risks separately, we are stronger and smarter together!

Vote for APRA as your 2020-2021 student initiative at the Paris Campus and join our team!



The voting link will be sent to your Sciences Po email from “Elections Sciences Po” on September 30th. You have from this day until October 2nd, 2020 to vote for our initiative